Patience, self-confidence and relations

I’ve just seen an interview about the Millenial generation and their challenges:

THE INTERVIEW (18 min.) – Scroll down and watch the video: THE MILLENIAL QUESTION

Etnographer Simon Sinek has examined corporations and good leadership, and discovered some challenges with the newest generation in the workplace – “The Millenials”. Though the Millenials are born around the millenium, I think the challenges are still current in the classrooms today. Switch the word workplace with classroom and leader with teacher, and the interview is highly relevant in a discussion with your colleagues.

I noted three main characteristics in the interview:

  1. Immediate satisfaction
  2. Lack of self-confidence
  3. Lack of meaningful relations

I hope you watch the interview, as I won’t be writing a summary – it only takes 18 minutes to watch. But I definitely think that “The Millenial Question” is not only a question for leaders of corporations to take serious, but also for teachers. I’d like to hear your ideas on how we can help our students develop healthy skills in the areas above. Please write a comment, so we can help each other reflect on the subject.

With my next newsletter I’ll send the Brag Tag “Perseverance” from the material 24 Character strengths – courage and humanity. That indeed is a tag, I will begin using even more with my students.


The Material 24 Character Strengths – Courage and Humanity